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Let’s be real, cycling is a clown sport bro.

Even at the highest level cycling is still just a monotonous, unspectacular, intense cardiovascular training exercise.

Riding around 2000 miles of the French countryside for 21 days up and down the Alps and Pyrenees is one of the most physically grueling feats in the world.

Participating in such a ride as part of a competition is even crazier and to win such a competition; one would surely have to be aided by some sort of performance enhancer.

From all accounts, it seems most riders in the hunt for the ultimate glory are powered by far more than a sports drink and an energy bar.

The ‘game’ of professional bicycling doesn’t exist between the tires and the road or between the pedals and the legs, the ‘game’ of bicycling is covert chemistry.

The real ‘sport’ is how to successfully integrate drug use to help aid a body stressed to its limits and produce optimal results.

The discipline’s greatest participant of all time, Lance Armstrong won seven consecutive bicycle tours around France, and may have even used a few performance enhancing substances while doing it.

Even If he did, he should still be commended for successfully executing the most sophisticated system of using banned substances in a ‘sport’ farcically riddled with performance enhancing drug use.

For that he is a champion.

But even without that, he’s still a champion.

He defeated cancer.

Yes, he may have misled the public and his sponsors, but the International Cycling Union (UCI) has been misleading everyone for much longer by pretending that it isn’t a clown organization bro.

Striping Armstrong of his seven Tour wins, his seven triumphs of applied chemistry doesn’t rid the sport of its prevalent cancer or make it any less of a joke.

Right now, a clown juggling and riding a unicycle seems more like a real sport.

18 Octubre 2012

  • 18 October 2012