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Tony Romo es una teta

The NFL’s support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicked off on Monday Night Football, and what better way to open up proceedings than squeezing together two of the biggest boobs in the League for a Boobie Bowl game between Tony Romo and Jay Cutler.

Romo and Cutler are both enormous boobs, these big talkin’, gun slinging’, ego trippin’ quarterbacks faced off in an epic Boobie Bowl to find out who is the bigger boob, yeah size matters.

The Boobie Bowl is almost exactly the same as a normal regular season game, with the exception of some minor changes in terminology, for instance; a sack is no longer called a sack if the quarterback is a boob, it’s naturally called a grope.

Romo took the early lead after being groped on the first drive of the game by Chicago’s Henry Melton.

It still remained close in the second quarter with both bra-fillers unable to find any avenues to the end zone, until Cutler was the first to stumble by guiding his team downfield for a 43-yard field-goal and first score of the game.

Romo then imposed himself on the game, taking a clear lead as the premier boob by gifting Bears’ cornerback Charles Tillman a pick-six from 25 yards out.

Romo surrendered his lead on the next drive by advancing all 80 yards in the air for the first passing touchdown of the game, to have his team trailing 7-10 at the half, with the Boobie Bowl up for grabs.

Cutler hurt his chances on the first drive of the third quarter after finding Devin Hester for a touchdown, pushing the game lead out to 17-7 in Chicago’s favor, but increasing Romo’s bust size.

Just as Romo looked unbeatable as the biggest Boob with a tipped pass and turnover, Cutler coughed up the ball, only to be out done once again by the biggest boob on the field Romo, who handed Chicago their second defensive touchdown of the game.

Lance Briggs’ 74 yard interception touchdown proved that Chicago’s best offense was indeed Tony Romo.

Cutler’s Bears cruised to victory in the supplementary game 34-18, their defense preventing Cutler from claiming the more significant accolade.

On a night where he choked out an equal career-high five interceptions, Tony Romo was a truly deserving winner of the 2012 Boobie Bowl, a maiden title for the undisputed biggest boob in the NFL.

2 Octubre 2012

  • 2 October 2012