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Canseco’s droga arbol sigue creciendo

It all goes back to that boob José Canseco.

While many folks immediately pointed a finger of suspicion towards BALCO in light of Bay Area baseball players Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon both failing tests for performance-enhancing drugs within a week of each other, this is bigger than BALCO.

This is almost as big as Canseco’s biceps, because this is just the latest branch to sprout from Canseco’s grand drug tree.

Canseco says he began using testosterone and Deca-Durabolin (an anabolic steroid) in 1985 while in the minors and continued to experiment with heavy combinations of steroids in 1986 in preparation for his rookie season.

He went on to be the American League Rookie of the Year, in 1988 he became the first 40/40 player in MLB history and the next season he was a World Series Champion.

At the time, performance-enhancing drugs were not tested for or illegal in MLB and despite several whispers that he was using steroids, Canseco denied it during his playing days.

Canseco’s drug tree began as a seedling in Oakland, when he injected Mark McGwire in the butt-cheek with steroids.

As the tree grew, more and more boobs got bigger and began hitting home runs at an astronomical rate, until finally the League was forced to address the problem and initiated a soft steroid policy in 2002.

The policy was later strengthened and enforced with penalties in 2005, the same year Canseco named names in his book, in particular, McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Jason Giambi.

Canseco and Palmeiro played together with the Texas Rangers in 1993, that season Palmeiro belted 37 long-balls, his highest output at that point of his career.

He went on to send 474 more balls over the fence over the next 12 seasons, but if you asked him about performance enhancers, he’d say; “I have never taken steroids, today”.

Palmeiro left the Rangers after the 1993 season, played for Baltimore the next five seasons (coincides with Brady Anderson’s 50 HR season in 1996) before rejoining Texas in 1999 for five seasons.

in 2001 Alex Rodriguez joined the Texas Rangers and played alongside Palmeiro, that season A-Rod launched 52 bombs.

The next year, A-Rod (57) and Palmeiro (43) combined for 100 home runs.

A-Rod was acquired by the Yankees in 2004, where he played alongside McGwire’s apprentice in Oakland, Jason Giambi.

In 2009 A-Rod admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his time with the Rangers, he said his cousin would deliver over-the-counter drugs from the Dominican Republic which he used for six months of the year.

Now back to Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon, both of these guys are Dominican and relatively new to living in the Bay Area.

Both Cabrera and Colon are also former Yankees and former teammate’s of A-Rod, but we’re not saying A-Rod is somehow responsible for these guys becoming involved with using performance enhancers. 

Rather, a quick google search shows that finding a favorable Dominican restaurant in the Bay Area is hard to come by.

Perhaps A-Rod pointed these lads in the direction of some quality Dominican ‘eats’ and perhaps they ‘ate’ well.

23 Agosto 2012

  • 23 August 2012