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After reducing the 2012 London Olympics to 91 events of deportes auténtica, we present our final medal tally of the games.

The top 20 nations were as follows;

As you can see, China obtained the most gold thanks to domination of the goodminton and ping pong, where they swept the competition with nine from nine gold medals.

USA, who were without the 25 gold medals they collected for swimming and running, were bolstered by their efforts in tennis ball lawn ping pong, hoops and grappling, accounting for seven of their 12 deportes auténtica golds.

Russia came in at third behind a haul of seven golds from grappling and judo, altogether they grabbed 11 medals in grappling, helping them earn the most total medals.

Japan impressed with all six of their golds being earned in the combat activities of grappling, punch fighting and judo.

Hosts Great Britain could only scrounge together five golds, including a rare win by a Scotsman at Wimbledon.

Italy faired well at sword fighting, taking away three golds as part of their seven medals in the discipline.

Success in grappling and punch fighting saw Azerbaijan finish much higher than expected and above much more celebrated nations.

The same can be said for Kazakhstan, who also excelled at grappling and punch fighting for a total of seven medals.

It’s no wonder that Ireland collected all four of their medals for punch fighting, if only drinking was also an Olympic activity!

Nations 21-41;

Uzbekistan claimed all four of their medals from combat sports, highlighted by a gold in grappling and three bronzes in grappling, judo and punch fighting.

Mongolia earned silver and bronze in both judo and punch fighting to bolster their haul of five medals.

Denmark negotiated both of their medals from a solid showing in the goodminton, while their glamorous women’s loco european handball team were not awarded for their gold medal looks.

Nations 42-59;

Switzerland’s lone silver was courtesy of Roger Federer, at this stage of his career it seems he’s more concerned with Grand Slam victories rather than gold medallions.

Australia was left goldless, disappointed and embarrassed after walking away with just three bronzes to show for failures in women’s hoops, mens outdoor defrosted ice hockey and womens water handball soccer.

Not sure if Latvia is known for their beaches, but they did Maverick and Goose proud by grabbing bronze in mens Top Gun volleyball.

Finally, the ancient creators and original hosts of the Olympics, Greece were left with only one lousy bronze for judo.

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  • 15 August 2012