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Deportes auténtica Olímpicos

Of the 302 events spread across 26 supposed ‘sports’ at the London 2012 Olympics, it turns out only 30.13% are devoted to real sports, or what we call deportes auténtica.

Since the total number of ‘sports’ or ‘disciplines’ on offer is confusing, let’s just call them the 302 ‘activities' that make up the Olympics.

While 30.13% of these activities are legitimate sports, the other 69.87% focuses on numerous training exercises for deportes auténtica or recreational activities.

We’re not f*cking around, the 30.13/69.87 split is the true ratio of sports being played.

Kenny Powers said it best; ”I play real sports, not trying to be the best at exercising.”

Running, jumping, swimming, lifting, cycling, rowing and gymnastics are great ways to get in shape and prepare the body for the rigours of competitive deportes auténtica.

Where is the line drawn on what actives are included at the Games?

If hunting recreations such as shooting and archery are Olympic events, why isn’t fishing?

If elitist recreations like riding horses and sailing are Olympic events, why isn’t car or motorcycle racing?

Why isn’t chess or chessboxing an Olympic event?

The International Olympic Committee dropped the ball by replacing baseball with BMX in 2012.

We have no qualms regarding softball, but in terms of deportes auténtica we’re left with goodminton, hoops, punch fighting, sword fighting, outdoor defrosted ice hockey, soccer, loco european handball, judo, ping pong, tennis ball lawn ping pong, taekwondo, water handball soccer, volleyball, Top Gun volleyball and two styles of floor grappling.

15 sports with 91 gold medals up for grabs.

After suffering through almost two weeks of dressage, pelotons, repechages, sculls, regatta and synchronized stupidity, we can finally get down to wrapping up the real 30%.

10 Agosto 2012

  • 10 August 2012