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El costo de ganar en Filadelfia

Times have been tough for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012.

Now four years removed from being Word Series Champions, wins have been hard to come by with the absences of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Roy Halladay.

The Phillies have been pasted towards the bottom of the National League East with little sign of resurgence, until their closing pitcher Jonathan Papelbon finally hit on a new bounty scheme to turn things around.

Papelbon initiated the program after conceding the tying run in a save situation against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 23.

An agitated Papelbon returned to the dugout and announced he would pay $5000 to anybody if they could walk-off the win and get the closer off the hook.

Veteran slugger Jim Thome promptly replied with a walk-off dinger in the lead-off spot for his first hit as a pinch-hitter this season, his 13th career walk-off hit (most in MLB history) and a nice little cash bonus.

The system works, Thome’s salary this year can now be adjusted to $1,255,000, and Papelbon’s drops to $10,995,058.

These professional ball players certainly do live an extravagant lifestyle, when translated into ordinary-people’s terms, that cash incentive is roughly equivalent to 50 of our ordinary-people dollars.

Using this bounty transaction as an example, we can now translate MLB financial figures into regular people’s currency by simply removing the last two digits from the amount.

Thome is a professional baseball hitter, his skill is hitting a pitched baseball powerfully and the reward for doing that successfully on any given at-bat has been set at $5000.

This certainly checks out if the hourly rate for any tradesperson worth their salt is around the $50 mark.

Similarly, for regular people the going rate for a dare between friends can also be set at $50.

In the MLB world, the precedent has now been set for pitchers to offer their teammates $5000 to help ensure a win.

And with that, the Phillies $120 million winless ace Cliff Lee should consider adopting Papelbon’s bounty program.

Lee is slated to ‘earn’ $21.5 million this year, enough dough to afford 1000 wins for the rest of the season and still have a cool $21 mil for living expenses.

Yep, times sure are tough for those Phillies.

26 Junio 2012

  • 26 June 2012