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Finales de la NBA Juego 5: ¿qué mierda pasó?

LeBron James became a champion.

James scored 26 points, shared the ball for 13 assists, secured 11 rebounds, blocked two shots and added a steal to close the deal.

His enriching year-long journey of self-discovering, mastery and accountability can only be measured by a single piece of jewellery.

Add to that the Finals MVP trophy, and the once self-proclaimed King is finally deserving of his crown, and the National Basketball Association is now officially his kingdom.

He was helped by the corpse of Mike Miller, which was rolled out for one last appearance before being sent to the Smithsonian of Finals moments.

The Heat celebrated with dignity, but in fact the Big Three had already celebrated this moment during their pre-season pep-rally back in 2010.

As for Oklahoma City, coach Scott Brooks used the painful moment to help groom his young team for the enviable glory that awaits them once they can use experiences like this to push them to the next level.

During a timeout late in the fourth, Brooks admitted to his team that they were beaten fair and square by Miami and instructed his players to individually congratulate the Heat players and treat them as the champions that they are.

A rare, and truly classy move, which in some small way will help prepare his team to transform into champions.

This Thunder team has only lost three playoff series and impressively each loss has been to the eventual champs.

They’ve beaten the three previous Western Conference Champions and exacted revenge on the Lakers and Mavericks that knocked them out of the playoffs in consecutive years.

Their future attempts to defeat the Heat now set the stage for an exceptional rivalry that could punctuate the bulk of this decade like Magic’s Lakers and Bird’s Celtics did in the 1980s.

And with the season over, Kevin Durant finally grabbed his iconic backpack, faced the media for a few minutes, then got up and walked away in his pink pants.

24 Junio 2012

  • 24 June 2012
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