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¿Jugando para los limones o la gloria?

Those limey bastards.

In the 19th century, British sailors began consuming limes specifically to stave off scurvy, when their peers from other countries began referring to them as ‘limeys’ the nickname stuck as a way to address Englishmen.

When it comes to Britain’s premier sports competition, their fans are left with lemons in terms of a post-season, while the rest of the world enjoys sweeter fruits born from playoffs, knockouts, deciders, Grand Finals, Championship Games, Mega and Super Bowls.

In the English Premier League, the first team across the line at the end of the (regular) season wins the championship, the other 19 teams get to suck on limes.

It’s even worse for the bottom three teams as they get relegated to the First Division.

With three rounds remaining, the EPL is down to a two horse race.

This week, second-placed Manchester City hosts arch-rival and first-placed Manchester United for the Battle of Manchester, but more importantly this is a virtual playoff bout for soccer supremacy.

In the EPL, this is as good as it gets for anything resembling a ‘playoff’ this season.

United leads City by three points with three games to play, the underdog City needs to win if they are to have a concrete chance of dethroning the evil Red Devils.

If you thought the New York Yankees were the Evil Empire, they have little on United in recent years.

The Devils have claimed a whopping 10 titles over the past 16 seasons.

In fact, only three clubs have won the EPL over that period, and City were last champions in 1968.

This is the result of an uncompetitive sports realm free from a salary cap.

City has a chance to disrupt the status quo of a League long dominated by the fat cats.

They handed United an embarrassing 6-1 beatdown when they last duelled, helping propel City to a 20-week hold on the competition lead.

United snatched back the reins in recent weeks and have been in first-place for the past eight rounds.

To the winner goes the spoils, crucial momentum and a box-seat to the finish line.

Then again, this match could end in a draw and we’d be left with limeys playing for lemons.

28 Abril 2012

  • 27 April 2012