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James, Wade abandonar la búsqueda de pirita

We encounter ‘fool’s gold’ in various forms, retirement pensions, enhanced cleavage from push-up and padded bras, and of course there’s pyrite.

In the NBA, pyrite is commonly found behind an arc-shaped line 23 feet and 9 inches from the hoop (22 feet in the corners).

Miami Heat President, Pat Riley famously dubbed the long-range attempt as fool’s gold years ago, only to witness his prized recruit LeBron James panning for pyrite as the genuine precious metal escaped the Heat last summer.

James was widely accused of shrinking on the greatest stage, it was behind the three-point line where he barricaded himself, hurling 12 attempts for a pair of makes as Miami let three consecutive games and the NBA championship slip away.

After an extended off-season to reflect, stew and fester on what could have been, James seemed to have used the time like Golem to plot and scheme a master plan to finally capture that precious ring.

Miami have surged through their first five games this season with a vengeance, spearheaded by their newly possessed leader.

If the painted area is like a prosperous river, then James has completely immersed himself, getting his hands dirty and panning for gold the old-fashion way.

So far, James has ignored the false treasures beyond the arc, attempting just one triple in the first six games.

That lone heave was extracted during a frantic final-minute comeback against the Charlotte Bobcats that was was eventually capped by Dwyane Wade’s slick game-winning jumper.

Wade has also bought into this tactical crusade within the arc, attempting just one long-range dip thus far, a futile final-minute strike against the Atlanta Hawks, who handed the Heat their first defeat of the season.

This concentrated and calculated assault comes after the pair combined for 485 attempts from the land of pyrite during the previous regular season.

For James, the long-range bombing dissolved into a doomed get-rich-quick scheme that eventually unravelled the Heat on the road to glory last year.

From that failure, the world’s two best prospectors have significantly improved their gold-panning techniques and now it seems only a matter of time until they’re hollering ‘Eureka’ down in South Beach.

3 Enero 2012

  • 3 January 2012